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*** Purple Storm
teddy chen

PURPLE STORM tells the story of a terrorist group planning to plant a biochemical bomb which is supposed to result in killing millions of people. This biocemical weapon causes death within 2 hours after physical contact and is water soluble. It's called 'purple storm' when the (purple) poison is spread over the country thru the rain. Hongkongs Anti-Terrorist-Force (ATF) has captured Todd, a member of this group. Problem is he suffers from the loss of his memory and can't recall who he is and what content the disc they found with him is about. The Cops know that he's a wanted criminal and son of Soong, the brutal leader of the terrorist group. They try to take advantage of Todd's mental instability and convince him that he's an undercover agent for Hongkong special forces and that his mission was to infiltrate Soongs group. Soong tries heavily to get his son back. How will Todd decide when slowly his old memories come back ?

A lot of shooting is going on (not as violent as many other movies) while the good cop is trying to catch evil Soong who is obsessed with his revolution plans and visions of building a new society. There's not much martial-arts but some explosions and a car chase - planting bombs and heavy gunplay is normal for terrorist activity I suppose. But the movie focuses more on the relationship between father and son. Joan Chen, better known by Western movie goers plays a supporting role as doctor who tries to make a good boy out of a killer. To summarize PURPLE STORM delivers an entertaining evening although it's not really special.

DVD (Universe, NTSC, codefrei)

You get a 1:1.85 (non-anamorphic) transfer with optional English subtitles. And Universe has taken care that you actually are able to read the white-coloured translation lines. The movie is devided into 9 capter stops. You also get a making of (which you don't get very often on HK-DVDs; also with English subtitles), the trailer and trailers from three other movies. There's also some info about the lead actors Daniel Wu and Chau Wa Kin (who seems to be a famous singer in his country).

Text © Markus Klingbeil
VÖ: 22.07.2001



Land Jahr. Farbe o. s/w. Originalsprache: n/a. Länge: n/a Min. Bildverhältnis: n/a Kinostart: n/a (USA) n/a (D). Budget: n/a Mio. USD Einspiel: n/a Mio. USD (USA) Regie: n/a. Buch: n/a. Screenplay: n/a. Kamera: n/a. Schnitt: n/a. Musik: n/a. Darsteller: Daniel Wu, Kam Kwok Leung, Chau Wa Kin, Joan Chen.
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