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**** Coyote Ugly
david mcnally

If you're looking for an entertaining, funny, so-called 'feel-good-movie' these days don't miss COYOTE UGLY. It proves that Producer Jerry Bruckheimer isn't only the man for your summer blockbuster action movies but he also delivers fine romantic stories for your enjoyment.

The story centers around a young songwriter named Violet (Piper Perabo) who leaves her hometown Jersey for the big city New York to fulfill her dreams. Soon she's being robbed and now has to find a job to earn some quick money. That's when she joins the bartender chicks of a biker club called 'Coyote Ugly'. It's a big step for Violet from shy innocent girl to bartender chick who's job is not only to serve drinks but also entertain the customers with dancing and singing. Very difficult indeed because Violet suffers from stage fright which prevents her from joining songwriter contests.

As you think of course love crosses her way personalized in Australien boy 'Mr. O'Donnell' (Adam Garcia) and I don't have to tell you how the story ends. Call it clichée, sentimental, unbelievable or fairy tale. All true but the cast is great featuring cute newcomer Piper Perabo. Very important in this movie are the music tracks including hits like 'I will surive', 'Unbelievable', 'Can't fight the moonlight'. Singer LeAnn Rimes who performed a couple of songs also appears at the end of the movie. John Goodman as worried father shows some well-known comedy talent ... and watch out for a cameo appearance of 'MTV Jackass' Johnny Knoxville!

If you liked the movie you'll appreciate the DVD audio commentary from all 5 'Coyote girls'. They talk about their lifes and have great laughs. Enjoy! But there's no feature commentary from Jerry Bruckheimer as you can read on the back of the DVD cover. He and director David McNally only comment on a few selected scenes.

Text © Markus Klingbeil
VÖ: 17.08.2001



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