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Bilder © HKL
*** Body Weapon
aman chang

The story centers around three friends who are working together at Hongkong Police Department. Currently they got a difficult case on their hands. Brutal torture, gang-rape and murder scares the city. And the cops don't have many hints. Another problem these three main caracters have is the relationship to each other. Dennis and Quinn both love their collegue Miriam and she can't decide whom to chose, the funny guy Dennis or shy gentleman Quinn. She finally choses Dennis over Quinn but that won't last. In the wedding night the brutal murderers lead by a mysterious man carrying a black leather mask pays a visit to the happy couple and Miriam has to see her husband being tortured to death before these guys rape her. While recovering from her injuries she swears revenge and trains herself with the help of a friend to track these bastards down and kill 'em all. But Quinn notices that there's something wrong and keeps an eye on her..... at least he still loves her.

Revenge stories are common in movies (think Charles Bronson). This one doesn't get a high score but it's still enjoyable with good martial-arts-fights of wu shan master Chiu Man Chuk (The Blade). Fist fights are dominant in this flick, no gun is shot to carry out a conflict. Erotic moments are brought to life by female lead Angie Cheung (Raped by an angel 3), a former beauty queen who knows to use her body to catch the rapist and treat him as he deserves. Actually the first part is more of a comedy till the tone of the movie gets darker when Dennis is killed. After the training lessons Miriam gets the fun is definitly over.


The 'Hong Kong Legends' label has done a great job presenting Asian movies to the Western audience. It delivers a nice (1.85:1) anamorphic transfer carrying both an English dubbed audio track and a Cantonese version with English subtitles. The animated menu leads you to trailers of the main feature and other releases of 'Hong Kong Legends' with detailed description. There's also a short interview with the leading man Chiu Man Chuk, done by a French interviewer, probably during his visit at a filmfestival in Montreal. Chiu also demonstrates in a short sequence the technique of Asian fight style wu shan. You also get a photo gallery with stills from the movie and some interesting infos about biography and filmography of the actors.

Text © Markus Klingbeil
VÖ: 26.01.2001



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