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*** Bichunmoo
kim young-jun

It's the age when the Mongolians reigned - a few centuries ago. There are lots of battles going on. Between all this a love story is happening. Jinha (Shin Hyun-june) is the poor Korean guy of low birth, Sullie (Kim Hee-sun) is the pretty girl, daughter of a rich Mongolian warrior, head of a well-respected family. When father decides to move to another place his daughter must follow - so the two lovers are seperated. When Jinha's uncle dies he leaves town to finally see his beloved again after one year but another Mongolian warrior already has proposed marriage. The couple tries to escape but Sullie's father followed by his army shoot Jinha with arrows and he falls down a cliff and is believed to be dead. The marriage takes place and a child is born. After 10 years Jinha is back and full of revenge. With his 10 swordsmen he fights the Mongolian Clan and shows no mercy for his enemies. He's also full of hate for his earlier love Sullie. Can he forgive her for being with his ememie for so many years ?

Bichunmoo is basically a love story spiced up with great martial arts sword fighting scenes and a great-looking nature background. The title refers to the reason why they all betray Jinha and try to kill him. He knows the secret of Bichunmoo, a magical way to fight with a sword. It's hard to compare BICHUNMOO to CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON. CTHD is more philosophical and less violent. The costumes look great, so do the concubines of the Mongolian leader and the whole setting. The scenes when Jinha and his black-dressed swordmen appear are among the most interesting and cool looking scenes. When you see the warriors fighting they basically fly through the air and act like thunderstorms, so fast and unpredictable are their moves (great movie opener). There's also an interesting soundtrack including traditional Korean music and modern Korean pop music. It's an entertaining movie which may have been better if it would have been less than 2 hrs.

Text © Markus Klingbeil
VÖ: 15.04.2002



Land Jahr. Farbe o. s/w. Originalsprache: n/a. Länge: n/a Min. Bildverhältnis: n/a Kinostart: n/a (USA) n/a (D). Budget: n/a Mio. USD Einspiel: n/a Mio. USD (USA) Regie: n/a. Buch: n/a. Screenplay: n/a. Kamera: n/a. Schnitt: n/a. Musik: n/a. Darsteller: n/a.
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